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Unimed acts as a vital link for international container shipping lines by providing them with easy coverage of ports and regions beyond their reach. We help to link cargo flows from destinations in the Mediterranean, Black Sea, North Africa and the Middle East with the rest of the global markets.  The combination of wide geographic reach and clockwork arrivals makes for a powerful extension of your own operations.
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We offer extensive network and scalable capacity, therefore, working with Unimed is more efficient than establishing own feeder services, We always strive to focus on process and product optimisation to the benefit of our customer.

Extension of your network

Unimed is linking the hubs you call with the ports you don't. We guarantee reliable links to more than 60 destinations in the Mediterranean, Black Sea North African and Middle East,  making our services a powerful extension of your own operations.


Access to more ports and more sailings per week add up to greater flexibility. Our extensive network and predictability of route traffic enable us to benefit from large-scale operations while creating customized solutions.

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Delivering a reliable service is a cornerstone of the Unimed offer. One of the ways we achieve this is through fixed arrivals, departures and frequently updated schedule information.
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20 years of experience

Unimed was founded on January 1st, 1999 by merging the activities of three major feeder operators in the Mediterranean. Unimed Feeder Services' objective is to operate the most reliable and efficient feeder services in the area and support ocean carriers' transhipment operations.

Our History

Unimed offers first-class feeder services and provides 30 different rotations through the most comprehensive network of direct connections to ports and transhipment via hub ports.

Our Services

30 rotations 

+50 vessels

Unimed utilises more than 50 feeder vessels of various capacities (from 500 TEU up to 3000 TEU) according to the requirements of various routes. Additional 'slot agreements' further enhance the range of services offered to our clients.

Vessels and Terminals

Unimed provides direct connections among 60 Mediterranean, Black Sea, North African and Middle East ports plus additional interport connections through transhipment through hub ports.

Our coverage

60 ports of call

Quotes light blue Our objective is to operate the most reliable and efficient feeder services in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea area and simplify our customers' supply chain by providing efficient and sustainable transport solutions

Michael Bonde

Regional Director

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