Operational Schedule

Delivering a reliable service is a cornerstone of Unimed's offer. One way to achieve it is through a frequently updated schedule information.


Live Schedule

With our master schedule you get an overview of there and when we sail, you can search by country or port. 


Vessels & Ports

See the complete list of terminals and ports we call in the Mediterranean & Black Sea, as well as a list of our modern fleet


Extensive coverage

Unimed offers first-class feeder services and provides 30 different rotations through the most comprehensive network of direct connections to ports and transhipment via hub ports. See your loops here
Our services

Connecting the dots


Unimed Feeder Services is a leading feeder operator in the Mediterranean & the Black Sea with the rest of the global markets. Through our sister company Unifeeder, we provide feeder & shortsea services for customers in Northern Europe.

Unifeeder's geographic market extends across the Northern European and Baltic regions. We provide easy coverage of almost any port and region and help to ensure that goods flow between destinations in Northern Europe and all over the world.

Read more about Unifeeder
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